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THE TRUTH OF EQUALITY is a website which started in February of 2011 by myself, Chris Donald, a musician; writer; helper toward peace on Earth, one world one people, sharing all the world with no money or systems; and a reporter for and victim of ‘Targeted Individuals (TI)’ (specific targeting of individuals), and ‘Targeting’ (general targeting of people).

Listen and download my music for free. My rock band is ‘Whoever Doesn’t Start From God Better Run’, with the album title ‘No Religion Too’. Listen to the songs by clicking on the ‘Whoever Doesn't Start From God Better Run' link on the left menu. Download the MP3 songs of the album and import them in your MP3 player. To download the songs, click the link below:


Please take a look at the Socrates short story on the Stories page called ‘A Dialogos on Equality’. It is a modern day twist on the writings of Plato. I enjoyed reading Plato, and was moved by the Socratic form/ method (way of argument). The story starts on the basis that "Everyone is special, is born with and has natural care and affection, and we all share a common bond with one another". Starting from this certainty the characters seek to figure out why a monetary system had been implemented. They are not sure why it was implemented, but move on and find the solution to overcoming it by the truth that ‘Love is to share’. They continue on and prove the existence of God, find a time machine, journey on an adventure in attempts to remove and fold the monetary system. The story is meant to be fun, interesting, and informative. There is a brief commentary at the end.

Equality is the truth as we all know, we are all created equally. Back in ancient times, there were people who chose for the self, instead of for equality: Before the monetary system was implemented in ancient Greece ca. 800-550 BC, much of the planet was in tyranny from people of the self, including corrupt leaders and rulers. (We know the monetary system was implemented around this time because oldest coins are considered by some numismatists to be the Aegina Chelone coins which were minted ca. 700-550 BC). When the planet was in unruliness by corrupt leaders and rulers, who would just take things for themselves, God (the Lord and the Lady, and J), asked aliens to come to planet Earth to help. The aliens came, set up underground bases, worked behind the scenes (with equipment), and implemented the monetary system in ancient Greece and possibly other places around that time or before.

The monetary system was implemented to bring order, and to build strong families against corrupt leaders and rulers. We know that in ancient Greece, there were many tyrannical rulers. But because of the monetary system, much of the power was transferred to the people: In Athens around 1050 BC, the kingship was a hereditary, life-long chief magistracy (archon). By 753 BC, this had become a decennial, elected archonship; and then in 683 BC was an annually elected archonship. In the second half of the 6th century, the Athenians founded the world's first democracy to prevent the aristocracy having power. As we can see through each stage, the monetary system was reducing power of the government, by bringing power to the people.

When the aliens came in ancient times, they knew that the planet needed to go through 2 stages:
1st stage: The implementation of the monetary system to bring order, and build strong families against corrupt leaders and rulers who were just taking things for themselves.
2nd stage: The dissolution and folding of systems including the monetary system, in order for the people to share all the world together.

Why didn’t the aliens just go straight to sharing all the world? Why did they have to implement a monetary system first? The answer is that the world was fragmented and separated. Greece was in city-states, it wasn’t really one nation. Native American Indians were on another continent, etc. The world also did not have the internet, or fast transportation.

Today, we are coming to the 2nd stage where we would like to dissolve and fold the systems, like the monetary, wage, school, economic, governmental/ political, and world economic system in general. And now that the whole planet has been mapped, and every place and people on Earth are known, and we have internet and fast distribution and transportation, and there is power to the people as well as representatives in the governments, we can finally remove the systems on the planet. The aliens are still here on Earth with us, in underground bases, and will help us enter into this transition.

The world has gone through many forms of government since ancient times. But this organization is advocating for no form of government on Earth; no systems, and no money. Like John Lennon we could say that there will be no running government, only the people will be there, sharing all the world. However, we will have our alien friends as a nice and friendly “big brother” for us just in case there arises any corruption from people who choose for the self again. We can also be a part of the big brother help as well, learning the behind the scenes equipment. The aliens would also like to live with us. This is a great way to bring us all together in peace.

But why remove and fold these systems, like the monetary system?

A system is like an equation, and if there are two or more sides to an equation, someone or something will always be unbalanced, and it is never-ending. This unbalance leads to poorer versus richer areas, more crime versus less crime, disunity and disharmony:

The unbalance and disunity occurs between neighbors, neighborhood streets, towns/cities, and countries. The city of Detroit in Michigan, USA has typically had more poverty and crime than any other city in the USA for a long time now. The country of Somalia in Africa has been one of the unhealthiest and poorest countries in the world for a long time now. How many more years before the balance switches, and these areas soon become the richest, healthiest, and with the least amount of crime? And then what about 100 years from now: Which people, neighborhoods, cities, and countries will be poor and unhealthy then?

What is the way back to balance, as well as dissolving and folding systems? The answer is by sharing, which particularly comes naturally, including sharing ideas and information. This is a truth: Love is to share, and sharing is love. One also finds true happiness in sharing. By the awareness of these truths, along with the effortless action of them, we can together get back to balance. And then together we can make a determination to remove and fold the systems that are in place, the monetary, wage/class, school, economic, government/ political systems, etc. We can share our basic necessities of life, but brighter than just basic; our luxuries and commodities (area’s resources); our inventions and creations; our art and other hobbies; forever.

Read more by clicking on the ‘Toward Earth Nutopia’ button at the top of this website.

As a reporter and victim, I have documented information on specific targeting of individuals, called ‘Targeted Individuals’ (TI). TI is the current/ known acronym. Specific targeting is the targeting of innocent citizens/civilians such as musicians, actors, movie makers, and other artists. TI’s are targeted for money. The people who are targeting will deal in finance; off the TI’s deals, contracts, management, and distribution of their art. The targeting method is that of torture and extortion. Specific targeting is not exclusive to only those who have a creative bent. The people who target are looking for anyone who has the potential to make a lot of money for them.

The people who target use behind the scenes advanced electromagnetic computers/equipment. Their equipment is kind of like the website ‘Google Earth’ (http://www.google.com/earth/index.html), but more advanced, in that in addition to going anywhere in the world by clicking in a destination, you can be there in real-time, with video, phone, internet, and other buttons and devices. The equipment is not used in a considerate way; but rather for spying, torture, and extortion purposes.


This is a cover of ‘The B-52’s’ 3rd single off their tenth album (6th studio album), the song is called: TELL IT LIKE IT T-I-IS!

The T-I stands for “Targeted Individuals”.

Notice too in the picture, how they have a hand holding up a sign, as a protester would. This is because the extortion methods goes far, involving torture. There are 3 main techniques of extortion/torture:

1). Electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and magnetic fields to the body for pain and sickness; to the muscles, nerves, back, tendons, frame of the body, anywhere. They can generate electromagnetic pulses and direct them to the neck (like a noose) so that the TI has to fight for air, to the muscles, nerves and tendons of the neck. Their weapons also can block air to the nose and the cells of the lungs. They can also generate electromagnetism to different parts of your body to create sickness or sensory deprivation.

2). Some sort of ultrasonic low to high frequency to the ears and the victim’s hearing; to hurt them, or for distraction or attention redirecting, or to send programmed voices (Voice-to-Skull) with messages of lies, hatred, threats and verbal abuse. These voices mess with your emotions, and decrease your happiness on a daily basis. They may even transmit their voices in real time, but masked, into the room through a radio/phone/internet line.

3). Electromagnetic lasers/ dots and Video Encoded Invisible Light (VEIL) equipment to distract and deceive the eyes, and to give an impression of a false mood; the lasers/ dots hurt and distract the eyes. The VEIL equipment sends (transmitted through microwaves) pictures and videos of lies, like sending a picture or short video of you in a bad emotional state, or being unhappy.

These 3 techniques can be used simultaneously or in combination, and sometimes in a sequence. Waterboarding is also common with this equipment. There are more techniques that are used not listed here. By this method, they hope that the ‘Targeted Individual’ (TI) will submit to selling their art, or selling whatever they are being targeted for. The Targeters usually have a lot of people targeting the TI all at once, like a paid Program/Organization.

In addition to specific targeting, there is also general targeting, simply called ‘Targeting’. General targeting is the targeting of innocent people who are not aware that their condition is due to an outside source (that is, of the advanced EMP computer equipment). It is not as extreme as specific targeting but still much afflicting. There are 4 aspects to general targeting:

The first aspect are innocent people who are erroneously labeled as having “disorders” particularly “mental disorders”. Disorders include but not limited to: Schizophrenia, Anxiety/ Panic, Mood Disorder, Attention Deficit, Imaginary Friends, Antisocial Behavior, Bipolar, Manic/ Mania, Psychotic, Depression, Eating Disorder, Insomnia/Sleep, Multi-Personality, Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD), Relational Problems, Personality Disorder, seeing Ghosts, psychics, etc, etc.

The second aspect are innocent people who have physical ailments and health problems who are not aware that a lot of it is due to this outside source. Physical ailments and health problems include but not limited to: Asthma, Cramps, Muscle and Joint Pain, Aches, Addictions, Amnesia, Increased/Decreased Appetite, Obesity/ Overweight, Back Problems, Strain, Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Fatigue, Gas, Headache, Hypo/ Hypertension, Indigestion, Incontinence, Itching, Motion Sickness, Mucus/Phlegm, Nausea, Sleep Disorders, Nightmares, Night sweats, Perspiration, certain Speech Disorders, Stress, Anxiety, etc, etc.

The third aspect is crimes; like domestic violence and other bad news that you read in the paper everyday. Most of these people/victims are not aware that most of their violent behavior is caused by the behind the scenes electromagnetic pulse (EMP) equipment.

The fourth aspect is accidents; like car crashes or other happenings like that. There are electromagnets all over the freeways, which obviously can cause people to misjudge their surroundings.

Who are the Targeters?


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